Mon, 06 Jun 1994


A letter appeared in your paper on May 24 which upheld the wonderful quality of compassion. Yes indeed, Purnama Sari Buida is quite correct in her description of compassion as the most ennobling quality of character. It has been said that the more compassion we feel the more human we become.

On this theme it's worth relating the following (true) anecdote: The Dalai Lama in his first trip to the United States of America was greeted by the press who in pursuit of their trade were looking for a good quote. One of the reporters put a microphone in front of the Dalai Lama and asked this question, "Sir," he said, "what message do you have for America?"

The reply came back quickly, "Compassion!"

Rumor had it that the journalist who asked was so taken aback that he asked no more questions on that occasion. And that he developed a deep interest in Oriental religions and finally become a monk somewhere in Kathmandu.