Tue, 21 Mar 2000

CN 235 for Asian Spirit

BANDUNG (JP): State-owned aircraft company IPTN handed over a 40-seat CN 235 aircraft to Asian Spirit Philippines here on Monday.

IPTN human resources development and administrative affairs manager Jusman SD represented IPTN at the handover ceremony, and Asian Spirit was represented by its director Archibald Po.

It was the realization of the leasing agreement signed by IPTN caretaker director Paramajuda and Asian Spirit president Antonio Buendia at the Singapore Airshow on Feb. 23.

"IPTN will hand over two other aircraft in May and June," Po said.

IPTN marketing director Ilham Habibie, a son of former Indonesian president B.J. Habibie, said the handover of the two aircraft would be negotiated with Asian Spirit.

"We are having technical problems in preparing the two aircraft. But we will try to have everything ready."

It was the second leasing deal signed by IPTN after one with Air Venezuela, which agreed to lease three CN 235 aircraft. (25/sur)