Tue, 14 May 2002

City undecided over public transportation fares

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta/Bogor

The Jakarta administration failed to raise bus fares on Monday despite a threat by operators to raise fares based on their own calculations if the city failed to announce new fares by May 18.

The City Council has yet to approve the proposal since Governor Sutiyoso did not submit a signed recommendation with the proposal.

"We didn't received the governor's official letter attached to the proposal, how can we approve it?" said Sayogo Hendrosubroto of the council's Commission D for development affairs in a hearing with the City Transportation Agency and the Jakarta branch of the Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda).

Sayogo of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) said the city had proposed a 14 percent to 67 percent increase, which he considered too high compared to the average 14 percent increase in fuel prices.

Councillor Ali Imron Husein of the United Development Party (PPP) objected to the fare increase, particularly for students.

"We rejected the increased fare for students. Most of them are ordinary people," said Ali, who is also deputy chairman of the commission.

Sayogo urged the administration to penalize companies that had already increased fares.

"Organda should warn its members not to increase their fares," he said, responding to Organda chairman Aip Syaifuddin's threat.

Sutiyoso said on Friday that he would announce the new fares on Monday should the proposal be approved by the council.

The proposal suggests that fares for regular buses be increased from Rp 700 to Rp 1,000, limited seat (Patas) buses from Rp 900 to Rp 1,200, medium buses from 900 to Rp 1,100, public minivans from Rp 1,400 to Rp 1,600 and students fares from Rp 300 to Rp 600.

On the same day, the Bogor Council rejected, through a vote, a proposal from the municipal administration to increase public minivan fares from Rp 900 to Rp 1,000. Student fares were set to increase to Rp 500.

Of the 38 councillors, 21 turned down the proposal in the council's plenary session while the remaining 17 approved it.