Sat, 18 Mar 2000

City to nominate six candidates for Bank DKI

JAKARTA (JP): The city administration has nominated six names to chair the city-owned Bank DKI following Wednesday's dismissal of its president, an official said on Friday.

City Secretary Fauzi Bowo said the names of the six candidates had already been submitted to Bank Indonesia, the central bank, which has the authority to pick the right person.

Fauzi refused to disclose the names.

The bank's former president, Maman Soelasman, was sacked during a general shareholders meeting on Wednesday for allegedly being unable to improve the bank's poor condition.

Meeting participants then appointed Koesworodjati, an official from Bank Indonesia, as the bank's caretaker and chief commissioner.

Fauzi guaranteed that Koesworodjati was not on the list.

"We can't nominate Koesworodjati because he is also the chief commissioner," he said.

"We need him to ensure the interbank clearing activities of the bank can run as smoothly as usual, especially with the coming of the city's new budget where we need to withdraw a large amount of money," he added.

Contacted separately, Maman accused Koesworodjati of having a hidden ambition of becoming the bank's president.

"The central bank has always named him to hold the position, but Governor Sutiyoso chose me," he said over the phone.

"Sutiyoso asked me to manage Bank DKI, to take it out of its poor condition and improve its financial condition," he added.

Before his tenure at Bank DKI, Maman worked for state Bank BDN for 38 years and retired in 1996.

Maman said Koesworodjati's appointment as both the bank's caretaker and chief commissioner violated regulations on private companies.

"However, Bank DKI's statute allows such a thing under an emergency situations, while questioning his dismissal.

"The meeting found me guilty of transferring the bank's profits to the city administration as revenue for the city budget. The transfer, ironically, was requested by the city administration, as the bank's owner, and also by city councillors to support the city budget," he said.

He said he did not know if it violated the central bank's regulations as none of his staff had informed him.

"The transfer was at the owner's request. I was only proceeding as requested," he said.

Maman is also accused of allegedly misusing Rp 750 million, which he has denied. The Jakarta prosecutor's office is currently investigating the case.

Maman handed over his position to Koesworodjati on Friday evening. (nvn)