Tue, 22 Aug 2000

City offers free ID card renewal

JAKARTA (JP): In an attempt to provide a better service to the public, the administration will introduce free renewal of identity cards, starting from November, Governor Sutiyoso said on Monday.

He said it was part of the administration's efforts to improve its public services.

"For that purpose, the administration proposed that the City Council review bylaw No.1/1996 and bylaw No.3/1999 on the renewal of identity cards and the validity period, respectively," Sutiyoso told a City Council plenary session.

He said the plan was in harmony with the council's desire that the administration provide better services and lift the fee for ID card renewal imposed on residents.

He also stated the proposal to review the two bylaws in his revised accountability speech.

"However, in order to preserve public discipline to regularly renew their identity cards, the administration will continue to impose financial sanctions on those who fail to renew their cards within a two-week period after their overdue dates," he said, adding that the sanction was stipulated in bylaw No. 3/1999.

The administration received Rp 1.75 billion (US$198,863) annually from identity card renewals.

Sutiyoso also said that the administration would extend the validity period of the identity cards from the current three years to five years. (lup)