Fri, 03 Jan 2003

City fails to recoup state losses

JAKARTA: The city administration has failed to recoup the larger part of Rp 4.8 billion in state losses as a result of rampant corruption among bureaucrats, as it has only managed to secure Rp 84.4 million of the misused funds.

Governor Sutiyoso in his year-end report on Tuesday highlighted the practices of corruption, collusion, and nepotism which are still rife in his administration.

Out of 179 reports made to the city audit agency, 126 cases had been thoroughly investigated. The agency was only able to find solid proof in 48 cases in which city officials had either abused their status, engaged in corruption or collected illegal levies, Sutiyoso said in a statement.

Councillors have claimed that unreported cases of corruption by civil servants are much higher and have also caused greater state losses.--JP