Thu, 13 Oct 1994

City buses receive poor maintenance

JAKARTA (JP): Director General of Land Transportation Soejono expressed concern yesterday over the short life spans of buses operated by the city-owned bus company PPD.

"The life spans of PPD buses reach an average of only two to three years, far below the normal standard of five to eight years," Soejono said.

Speaking after the inauguration of PPD's new management board, he said that the short lifespan is caused mainly by poor maintenance as a result of the lack of discipline on the part of PPD's personnel.

Soejono said that most drivers, after finding the brake system of their buses to have broken down, do not send the vehicle to the company's depot immediately for repairs. They continue operating the buses instead, thereby forcing the lubricating oil to spill out of the brake system and damage other parts.

He said that the inability to conduct its own maintenance activities has forced PPD to ask for help from private companies to do the repairs.

PPD, for example, has so far awarded contracts for the renovation of 200 buses to Volgreen and another 200 buses are entrusted to PT Intrasjaya, while PT Senawangi Wisamarta Utama is assigned to repair 70 double-deckers, he said.

Involving private firms in the refurbishment activities has forced PPD to spend much greater sums of money, Sujono was quoted by the Antara news agency as saying.

Members of the new management board inaugurated yesterday include Soedarko (president) replacing Yahya Subandi; Jati Santoso (operation director) replacing Darius Djana; and Priyo Subandiono (technical director) replacing Arna Rifky.

Anwar Delmi (general affairs director) replaces Zaini Noor and Nur Usman (finance director) replaces Mudiyanto. (hhr)