Mon, 13 Jun 1994

Citra celebrates in its oil output

JAKARTA (JP): PT Citra Patenindo Nusa Pratama (CPNP) has succeeded in increasing the production of its three oil fields in South Sumatra from 1,600 barrels per day in 1993 to 2,000 barrels today.

Chairperson Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana said on Friday as a company celebration that her firm expects to further expand the fields' daily output to 4,800 barrels in 1995 and 8,000 barrels in 1996.

Hardiyanti, popularly known as Mbak Tutut, said that CPNP operated the oil fields--Abab, Raja and Dewa in the Pendopo area, South Sumatra, under a joint operating agreement with the state oil company Pertamina.

"The production of the fields then was 1,600 barrels per day," Hardiyanti said, adding that her firm applied the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique to increase the production.

During the celebration, Hardiyanti, the eldest daughter of President Soeharto, also introduced to the audience a number of her assistants and advisors, mostly in their 30s or early 40s.

Minister of Mines and Energy I.B. Sudjana and President of Pertamina Faisal Abda'oe also attended the celebration.

In his opening remark, Sudjana hailed those young executives, saying that he was really proud of the younger generation who are "going to run the future Indonesia."

He said that during the first Long Term Development, oil production was mainly conducted by Pertamina in cooperation with foreign contractors.

According to him, the government has been encouraging local private firms to enter the petroleum industry.

"PT Citra Patenindo Nusa Pratama is the pioneer," he said.

Meanwhile, Faisal Abda'oe said that Indonesia's petroleum industry currently involves 102 foreign companies and 12 domestic ones. (09)