Tue, 05 Aug 2003

Citibank's behavior

This is about the way Citibank displayed its arrogance in its attempt to pressure a person for payment.

My son, who is already over 30, applied a few years ago for a Citibank credit card at their Surabaya branch, without my knowledge nor seeking my confirmation as personal guarantor.

He failed to fulfill his repayments on his account (now already settled). Citibank appointed a debt collector, CV BUS, to approach me to take responsibility and, last but not least, for financial settlement.

I firmly refused to do so and explained to both Citibank and the debt collector that they were acting in error and had come to the wrong place.

My son doesn't even live in my house, but my efforts were fruitless. The debt collector continued to contact me, over and over again during the last three or four months this year, either by phone, by letter or by trying to enter my house in a rather threatening manner.

The last attempt to visit me was on July 18. As I refused to allow him to enter my property, he involved our neighborhood security guard in the matter and even met with our neighborhood chief.

By acting in this way I feel deeply that both Citibank and CV BUS have stained my reputation in the eyes of the whole neighborhood.

Is that how modern banks operate these days?