Fri, 04 May 2001

Citibank disappointment

I am writing this letter as a result of frustration with Citibank Indonesia. On March 6, I had my office call the Citibank Customer Service Department and ask for written confirmation (in English) regarding the workings of the "Easypay" system as I was unable to get a clear explanation from their merchants or customer service. In fact, the system seemed to change with every person I asked.

Citibank customer service told me that no written information on "Easypay" was available in any language. They also several times refused to give me a fax number, which I wanted so that I could make my request in writing. Finally, a Bapak Denis in Customer Service gave me the fax number and I sent my first written request on March 7. I have since faxed them five times without response, with a confirmation each time that the fax was received.

I would like to ask Citibank why it does not have a clear written explanation (in both languages) for this program, and why its customer service refuses to answer my six faxed requests for information?