Fri, 11 Feb 2000

Cilegon calm after unrest

CILEGON, West Java: Security remained tight around the PT Krakatau Steel factory complex here on Thursday following unrest which exploded on Wednesday afternoon.

Several platoons of police and soldiers were seen standing guard near the 3,000 hectare factory complex.

The unrest erupted following the death of a 13-year-old boy who was killed as he, along with several friends were stealing some old unused steel bars near the factory.

Antara reported that Lt. Deni Kusdeni, 37, tried to scare away the looters by firing a warning shot. However Deni failed to take into account the direction of the bullet which hit Faisal bin Faruroji in the head.

One security vehicle belonging to the steel company and six security posts were burned during the ensuing riot.