Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Cigarette sponsor

From Forum Keadilan

After reading Forum Keadilan of July 21, 1994 which contained an item entitled Iklan rokok di TVRI (Cigarette advertisements on TVRI), I am interested in commenting on this article in relation to the justification of broadcasting Dunhill during World Cup 1994.

Research has shown that there is a close relationship between smoking and diseases like cancer and heart disease. For example, Australian statistics show that some 17,000 to 20,000 people die from nicotine-related illnesses annually. I can't tell about the figure in Indonesia. The cigarette industry may find excuses if it is blamed for advertising and sponsoring cigarettes promotions which might lead to an increase in the number of smokers.

In Norway and Singapore the number of smokers has decreased since their governments banned cigarette advertisements in 1973.

But surprisingly, TVRI broadcast the cigarette sponsorship during the World Cup. This is certainly not the right thing to do.


Sydney, Australia