Mon, 12 Jun 2000

Chinese motorbikes enter Indonesian market

JAKARTA (JP): Chinese motorbike producer, China Qinggi Motor Co. Ltd, had its debut in the Indonesian market here on Saturday, with a range of models.

China Qingqi's motorbikes "Qingqi" will be assembled and sold here by PT Vivamas Qingqi Motor, a joint venture between China Qingqi Motor and PT Vivamas Multindo.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, President of Vivamas Qingqi Motor, Huang Xinguan, said he was upbeat that the Chinese motorbikes would be able to compete with existing brands.

Chief commissioner of the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Zhang Jialing, the chief commissioner and the vice president of the company's local partner, Hartardi Umbara and Adrian Umbara also joined the ceremony.

"For Jakarta alone, I predict Qingqi will be able to achieve at least five percent of the market this year," he said.

He said all of the Qingqi models, except for the bigger engine size QM125-2G, will be assembled here. Qingqi motorbikes are offered at prices ranging from Rp 4 million (US$500) to Rp 13 million.

Qingqi is among nine new brands of motorcycles imported from various countries, such as China, India, Korea and Taiwan, expected to enter the domestic motorbike market, currently dominated by Japanese brands, this year.

Another newly imported motorbike, the Indian-made Motorilenia, was launched last month in Jakarta. Motorilenia's local assembler PT KANCIL is optimistic that sales will reach 5,000 units per month this year.

The country's motorbikes sales are expected to exceed 800,000 units this year, with sales of the newly imported brands predicted to reach between 30,000 units and 45,000 units.(cst)