Tue, 04 May 2010

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Import of Goods from Singapore Down 4.17 Percent
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 06:18 AM | Economy & Business | Business

Tanjung Pinang - Imports from Singapore to Riau Islands Province (KEPRI) decreased by 4.17% during February 2010 compared to the previous month, authorities said.

The head of the Indonesian Statistics Department (BPS) Of Riau Islands, Hangaputua Gultom, said Tuesday, the Riau Islands is largest importer of Singaporean goods with imports totaling S461.83 million U.S. dollars (57.96% of the province's total imports in February 2010).

"Singapore is also an export destination for goods from the Riau Islands, with exports totaling $660.15 million dollars, (63.87 per cent of total exports in February 2010). Exports to Singapore also decreased by 23.03% compared to January 2010.

While imports from Malaysia ranked second in February 2010 with a value of $97.79 million U.S. dollars (12.27% of total imports). Imports from Malaysia in the same period increased by 108.60% over the previous month.

Japanese imports were the third largest with $65.32 million U.S. dollars (8.20% of of total imports). Imports from Japan in February 2010 increased by 2.15% compared to the previous month.

Other major imports during the month of February 2010 were from:
USA - 43,81 million U.S.dollars (5.50%)
China - $43.86 million U.S. dollars (5.50%)
Germany - $11.77 million U.S. dollars (1.48%)
Austria - $10.43 million U.S. dollars (1.31%)
Taiwan - $8.55 million U.S. dollars (1.07%),
Thailand $6.80 million U.S. dollars (0.85%) Philippines-$5,67 million U.S. dollars(0.71%)

Mr. Gultom said the total value of imports to KEPRI in February 2010 reached $796.84 million U.S. dollars, down 2.29% compared to imports in January 2010.

The value of oil and gas related imports in February 2010 reached $141.96 million U.S. dollars or a 78.06% rise compared to January 2010.

The value of non-oil and gas related imports in February 2010 reached $654.88 million dollars, a down 11.00 percent compared to January 2010.

During February 2010 the largest non-oil imports were of machinery and electrical equipment with a value of $235.63 million U.S. dollars or 35.98% percent of total non-oil imports. (NP/K004)

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Tue, 04 May 2010

At least 15 companies from China have planned to enter power generation business in Batam, Riau Islands, with combined investment commitments amounting to US$618 million.

“The investors also look for other fields,” Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan said Monday after receiving a visit from China Ambassador to Indonesia Zhang Qi Yue in his mayoral office as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

Ahmad said that 12 other Chinese companies, including concrete steel producer PT Sempurna Wahyu Metalindo with US$4 million in investment and metal-based tools producer PT Sky Global Fasteners with US$2 million, have been operating in Batam so far.

Chinese businessmen said a recent clash, sparked by disputes between local and expatriate workers in a shipbuilding company in the city, did not hamper them from continuing their investment plans in Batam, Ahmad added.