Wed, 24 Sep 2003

Children's speech difficulties

Dear Dr. Donya,

I was excited when I read your article about DLD (Developmental Language Disorder). My daughter started imitating words in her 26th month. She imitated and remembered everything very well. But speaking is still difficult.

For example, every morning, after waking up, she asks to watch a video of children's songs. While she watches the video she looks very happy and tries to imitate every gesture (dance) that is performed in the songs. She seems to have a favorite song.

Every day I speak Javanese (my mother tongue) to her, while I also speak Indonesian and, sometime, I introduce some English words. I think this is the main cause of the slow language development of my daughter.

Sometimes I feel desperate because my daughter doesn't have the ability to speak. Regarding your article about DLD, I have lost one part of it. Would you mind sending me the first part of your article?

Anyway, I appreciate all your suggestions very much. Thank you for your time.

Best regards, Petrus

Dear Petrus,

Your daughter is 26 months old; does she speak clearly in terms of calling to you and your wife? It is quite normal at her age to listen to songs and try to imitate them while not being perfect.

I would like you to ask your mother and your mother-in-law if either you or your wife had speech delays or spoke later than other kids. Watching TV is one-way communication, so your daughter listens and doesn't need to communicate with the TV.

I can send you first part of the article.

Any further questions are welcomed

Best regards, Dr. Donya