Mon, 22 Dec 2003

'Check out result of traffic policy first'

Chronic traffic congestion around the capital has long been bedeviling the city administration. The latter then determined to develop its busway project connecting Blok M in South Jakarta and Kota in West Jakarta. To facilitate the much criticized project, Jakarta intends to extend the three-in-one policy and bar cars with certain license plate numbers from entering the central zone on certain days. The Jakarta Post asked some people their opinions on the traffic policy.

Sevita Frety, 24, a media planner with an advertising agency in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. She lives with her family in Tangerang:

I definitely agree with the city administration's decision to extend the three-in-one traffic policy because it will reduce traffic congestion. I don't think it will cause more traffic jams on the alternative routes as I know that most of the motorists passing along the thoroughfares during peak hours in the morning and afternoon are those who work in the offices along these routes.

The busway itself reflects the administration's concern for low-income residents of the city. The fare will be cheaper than for the current air-conditioned buses.

People should stay calm, wait and see how the traffic policies will work before condemning the administration. They are the ones who are always demanding less traffic jams, but are now the harshest critics.

Komang, 24, a reporter at a radio station in Central Jakarta:

I don't think the three-in-one traffic policy will really ease traffic congestion in Jakarta.

I have noticed that while the policy reduces the number of cars passing along the main thoroughfares, on some alternative roads the traffic is heavier as motorists try to avoid the three- in-one zone.

So, in other words, the traffic congestion is still there, it is just being moved to another place. Thus the policy makes no difference.

The administration should think of something else, something better and more effective.

--The Jakarta Post