Wed, 14 Jun 2000

Check my paintings: Nyoman Gunarsa

DENPASAR, Bali: Noted Balinese painter Nyoman Gunarsa is calling on owners of his paintings to double check their purchases to determine if they are fakes.

His remarks on Tuesday came after the discovery of dozens of forged paintings at a Denpasar gallery, claiming to be the works of Gunarsa.

These forgeries were being sold at prices ranging between Rp 20 million and Rp 90 million.

Gunarsa said it was necessary for collectors to recheck the authenticity of their paintings, and pledged to assist anyone who needed assistance.

He said it was easy to tell the difference between his original work and forged paintings, although at a glance there seems no significant difference.

"I am still searching for the painters who forged my works," Gunarsa added. (zen)