Thu, 03 Aug 2000

Charity concert to promote the arts

JAKARTA (JP): Noted pianist Ananda Sukarlan will perform a solo recital at the Hotel Mulia Senayan in Central Jakarta at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

The event, part of a series of charity concerts to support local youth in the arts, is hosted by the Jakarta Foundation for the Arts.

Sukarlan will play works by composers such as F. Chopin, L. V. Beethoven, Mochtar Embut, Jaya Suprana and Aaron Copland.

The "Ananda Sukarlan Piano Recital No. 400" will begin with Chopin's Valse Brilliante in A-flat major, op 34 no. 1 and followed by Grande Valse Brilliante in E-flat major, op 18; Valse in b minor, op. 69 No.2 and Minuet Valse in D-flat major, op 64 No.1.

Beethoven's work will feature his Sonata Quasi una Fantasia in C-sharp minor, op. 27 No.2.

From local composers, Ananda will play Mochtar Embut's Anak Perahu and Kuda Lumping and Jaya Suprana's Tembang Alit (1984).

Ananda will also present numbers from Album de Collien (1995) which features Jordi Cervello's Un suspir, David del Puerto's Intrata, Joaquin Homs' Record del Mar (Remembrance of the Sea), Salvador Broton's Cristalls, Earnest Martinez Izquierdo's Alternances and Agustin Charles' Joe (Game) before closing the program with Aaron Copland's El Salon Mexico.

Ananda has recently returned from New Zealand, where he performed six concerts and gave lectures at three universities, as well as playing Igor Stravinsky's Piano Concerto with the Wellington Symphony Orchestra.

Born in Jakarta in 1968, Ananda is a pianist who is equally well-versed in performing music composed in the 17th and 19th centuries as performing contemporary music. Some composers from Europe, the U.S. and Asia have written piano pieces especially for him.

For further information call Cantus at 021-7651156 or email (Danielle Bray)