Mon, 08 Aug 1994

Changing PageMaker default font

JAKARTA (JP): While we're at it, here's how you can change the default font and font size in PageMaker 4.0 and 5.0. First, load PageMaker. Without opening any file or creating a new one, press Ctrl-T.

The Type Specifications dialog box will appear. You can now change all font settings, such as the font type, size and lead ing. If you have the courage and the urge to modify the default small caps size, superscript and subscript sizes and positions, and baseline shift, press the Option button.

After you've finished making all necessary adjustments, click OK. Everything you've just specified will become the default each time you create a new file.

What if you'd like to change the type specifications of a file that you've already created? In this case, you must open that file first. Without selecting any text, press Ctrl-T. Make all the modifications you want, and all of them will become the default as you enter new text into this file. The new settings will not apply to any other file, old or new. They will apply only to this file.

In fact, you can alter the default setting of almost anything this way, such as the thickness of the lines, character alignment, paragraph specifications, and even page setup. Just remember that in PageMaker there are these two types of default: One for every new file, and the other for the already opened file only.

-- Zatni Arbi