Tue, 09 Aug 1994


I would like to take the opportunity and respond to Mr. North's letter of July 28, 1994 in which he honestly asserts that censorship is one of the greatest things on earth. The insulting tone of the letter unfortunately substitutes for what it lacks in substance. In Mr. North's opinion the widely acclaimed and award winning film The Piano is nothing more than a piece of adulterers' and whoremongers' propaganda and others should therefore be banned from watching it.

Whatever Mr. North's opinion on the subject, what makes him believe that his opinion counts more than that of others? How can he deny the right of forming their own opinion about the film, a right that he himself obviously enjoyed? To do so constitute an act of intellectual snobbery and hypocrisy.

I fully agree that the differences between Western and Asian cultures are huge. But I completely disagree to use those differences as justification for official censorship.

Letting individuals be their judges will make them happier, more satisfied and more responsible citizens which is exactly what a healthy society is made up of.


New York, USA