Sat, 04 Jun 1994

Censor Board full of hypocrites?

Congratulations to the Censor Board for its wise decision to ban the violent and pornographic movie Schindler's List.

Honestly, I am so moved I cannot say much. I suggest too that the Board ban all Steven Spielberg's films because I believe, when not violent and pornographic, they contain Zionist propaganda as well. The reason behind it is the fact that Spielberg may hire Jewish actors, and we shouldn't forget that he himself is Jewish. And, as we all should believe, his films are bad for our people who may riot in the streets.

Who says there's hypocrisy behind it? Oh come on, grow up. I appreciated very much the board's decision to pass Ranjang Yang Ternoda (The Stained Bed), Setetes Noda Yang Nikmat (A Drop of Exciting Stain), Perempuan di Persimpangan Jalan (A woman in the Cross Street) and all similar pornographic films, which basically give a bad education to our young generation. And also the pieces of art such as Master Blade and Braindead which are full of creative ways to shed blood, are not violent if we view them with a broad mind. But Schindler's List? Oooh, I've never heard, nor seen anything close to its awful violence and pornography. Just think about it, and tell me: do you still think that the Censor Board consists of a bunch of bigoted hypocrites?