Sat, 11 Sep 1999

Calls for war on drugs, gambling

JAKARTA (JP): Central Jakarta Mayor Andi Subur Abdullah on Friday called all local ulemas, community leaders and residents to stand up against drug dealers and gambling operators in their respective communities.

"If you find any activities concerning drug distribution or gambling activities, such as people selling toto-gelap (togel) gambling coupons in your residential areas... don't hesitate to immediately report it to subdistrict officials or police," Andi said.

"If they (the suspects) outnumber you, you all may raid the place, but remember not to take the law into your own hands," the mayor said during a Friday prayer at Petojo Selatan.

A popular gambling activity here is called judi buntut, togel, or toto gelap, which is a bet based on four numbers released every two or three days by dozens of gambling operators.

Andi said several areas in Central Jakarta had been detected as drug distribution centers, such as in Kampung Bali subdistrict in Tanah Abang.

The mayor also said his men would also question "black kin foreigners", who reportedly owned a motel and restaurant on Jl. Kebon Kacang I in Tanah Abang area.

"Expatriates are not allowed to run a hotel or restaurant business. But we will check on it further," Andi said. (edt)