Fri, 05 Mar 1999

Cable theft disrupts telephone services

JAKARTA (JP): A segment of an underground telephone cable under a bridge on Jl. Tanjung Barat Raya in South Jakarta was cut and stolen, disrupting 1,173 telephone lines in the area, an official of state-owned telecommunications operator PT Telkom said on Wednesday.

Prawoto, deputy chairman of Telkom's South Jakarta office, said the affected telephone lines have a prefix of 780 to 788.

The area affected includes Jl. Poltangan, Jl. Tanjung Barat, Aneka Tambang building, Tanjung Mas Raya housing complex, Tanjung Barat Indah complex, Jl. Nangka, Ranco Indah complex and other nearby streets.

"Repair work on the cables is happening around-the-clock and is expected to be completed on March 12," Prawoto said.

Those experiencing difficulties after that date should contact Telkom's customer service section on telephone number 117. (hhr)