Tue, 29 Jul 2003

C. Javanese should be wary of malaria

SEMARANG: Residents of Central Java province should be on the alert for malaria, following an outbreak in several districts, said head of the Central Java Health Office Krishnajaya.

The affected districts include Purworejo, Banjarnegara, Magelang, Wonosobo, Kebumen, Cilacap, Jepara and Pemalang.

A total of 7,502 people in the province have fallen ill with the disease between January and April, a significant drop from the 17,489 who came down with malaria in the same period last year.

Krishna attributed the decline to early prevention of the spread of the disease. People should still remain wary of the possibility of imported cases, he said, particularly in those areas which were vulnerable and geographically isolated. -- Antara