Tue, 09 Aug 1994

Business persons urged to help improve slums

JAKARTA (JP): Governor Surjadi Soedirdja urged local businessman to support the city administration's plan to do away with slum areas here within three years.

"I urge businessmen who live in Jakarta to help the city administration solve the slum problem in Jakarta," said Surjadi during his visit to Tanjung Barat, Lenteng Agung in South Jakarta and Tegal Alur in West Jakarta on Sunday.

The governor said that if all parties pitch in, Jakarta's slums will soon be just a distant memory.

Presently 11 subdistricts are classified as slums here, five of which receive Rp 20 million (US$9,200) in aid annually as part of the central government's program, while the other six receive around Rp 10 million in annual donations from the city.

The 11 subdistricts include Galur in Central Jakarta, Cilincing, Kali Baru, Kapuk Muara and Kamal Muara in North Jakarta, Kamal and Tegal Alur in West Jakarta; and four others in the Seribu Islands.

During his visit to Tegal Alur, the governor also opened a vocational training center for 41 young people.

Surjadi told the participants that physical development is not enough to eliminate the less developed subdistricts in Jakarta because the people who live in the slum areas should change their lifestyles from dependence to independence.

The governor donated Rp 8 million for the training center while the mayor of West Jakarta presented Rp 22 million which had been raised by local businessmen.

Meanwhile, to commemorate the nation's 49th anniversary on Aug. 17, the governor asked all mayors, chiefs of districts and subdistricts to keep their territories, attractive and dignified.

He also said that all high-rise buildings, hotels, companies and houses should decorate their exteriors to commemorate independence day.

"I do not believe that wealthy people who own those buildings lack the funds to celebrate Independence Day," he said.