Thu, 16 Dec 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Domestic business and industrial communities have welcomed state electricity company PLN`s ability to supply 1,000 additional Megawatts of power starting Dec 15 but said it was still not enough to meet their needs.

"This additional 1000 MW of power supply certainly helps us. But it is still not enough to meet all our needs, So we hope PLN`s 10,000 MW power generation project will be completed soon," Sofyan Wanandi, chairman of the Indonesian Association of Businessmen (APINDO), said here Wednesday.

He was referring to PLN`s plan to provide 1,000 additional MW of power for business and industrial enterprises s in Jakarta, Banten and West Java provinces starting December 15, 2010.

Wanandi said the business and industrial communities in Indonesia actually not only wanted increased power supply but also subsidized electricity rates as their counterparts in other countries were enjoying.

He said PLN had so far been selling electricity at subsidized prices only to low income households.

Subsidized electricity rates for businesses and industries would make Indonesian products and services more competitive in the world markets. "China is an example in this respect. Chinese goods are cheaper and thua very competitive," Wanandi said.

The supply of 1,000 additional MW of power for the business and industrial sectors, was the second breakthrough made by PLN after its success in installing power supply connections for one million new customers last month.

The additional 1,000 MW were intended for business and industrial enterprises located in the northern part of Banten province, and in the cities or regions of Tangerang, Jakarta, Bogor, Gunung Putri, Depok, Bekasi and Karawang in West Java province.
PLN had said it was committed to providing the best service to its new and old customers alike and making it easier for then to get additiona; power supplies.

The company was able to provide the additional 1,000 MW of electricity as the first phase of the government`s 10,000 MW power generation capacity project had been completed,

The extra power supply would come from new power plants at Labuan, Banten (2X300 MW), Indramayu (330 MW) and Suralaya (625 MW).

In addition, PLN has also increased the capacity of its Muara Karang thermal power plant from 300 MW to 700 MW.

It had also improved the performance of five of its 500/150kV interbus transformers that would ensure greater stability in power supply in Jakarta and environs.