Sat, 04 Jan 2003

Bus terminal project to continue

JAKARTA: Governor Sutiyoso announced on Friday that his administration would continue the development of the Pulo Gebang bus terminal in East Jakarta despite safety concerns raised by city councillors.

"The rejection has just been from a few councillors who have their own vested interests," Sutiyoso told reporters during an inspection of the site.

He claimed that the location was quite safe as it was sited 500 meters away from a military missile store and would be separated from it by the planned East Flood Canal.

The administration has spent Rp 50 billion on the acquisition of the 10-hectare site, which will be used to replace the congested Pulogadung terminal in East Jakarta, he said.

The 3-hectare Pulogadung terminal will no longer be used for intercity bus services when the construction of the Pulo Gebang terminal, which will cost Rp 30 billion, is completed next year.

Some councillors who objected to the project had earlier made public a letter from the Jakarta Military Command rejecting the development of the terminal as it was close to the missile store.--JP