Wed, 05 Oct 1994


Bus service

From Bisnis Indonesia

I am one of the Depok residents who work in Jakarta. Everyday I feel the transportation problem to be a great nuisance. The only city bus that plies the route to Grogol, where I work in Jakarta, is the PATAS (limited passenger) bus No 54. Every morning, during office and school hours, this bus is inundated with dozens of potential commuters.

I am lucky if I can board as a standing passenger as the bus is always crowded with passengers.

Therefore I would like to suggest that additional buses be provided plying the Depok-Grogol route. I know that recently the transportation company started operating ordinary PATAS and Air Conditioned PATAS (PATAS AC) for the Depok-Pasar Baru and Depok- Tanah Abang routes. And I am confident that the PATAS AC serving the Depok-Grogol route would also be profitable.


Depok, West Java