Fri, 22 Dec 2000

Burglars break into regency complex

BOGOR (JP): A group of unidentified people broke into the Bogor regency office complex in the early hours of Thursday, stealing five computers and four printers, an official said.

The head of the information department at the regency office, M. Syahuri, said the burglars wrecked a room in the social affairs department.

Syahnuri said the burglars entered the office complex through a broken window in the social affairs department.

He said security guards at the office of the regency development planning board called him to say they had seen six unfamiliar people walking around the complex at about 2 a.m.

Assuming that the six were targeting the regent's residence, also located in the complex, most of the security personnel guarded the house.

Hours later, employees discovered the theft of the computers and printers. (21/sur)