Sun, 25 May 2003

Burberry classic trendy check greets local fashion lovers

Fitri Wulandari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The signature Burberry look of plaid skirt, trench coat and tartan, or what Burberry prefers to call "check", has made its way to Jakarta, where the 147-year-old fashion house hopes to win the hearts of local fashion lovers with its classic-trendy style.

For its opening, Burberry offers men's and women's spring/summer clothes with its iconic trench coat and tan, red, black and white checks. Functionable and fashionable Burberry designs, as always.

Clean, simple and light Burberry designs, dominated by colors such as cream, pink, navy blue and white, make up the collections.

"Burberry does not feature luxurious designs because it is for active people, so it has to be practical, functionable yet smart and trendy," said Santi Suyud, the public relations executive for Busanagraha Rahayu, which is the sole agent for Burberry in Jakarta.

Modified trench coats, raincoats and short jackets top the women's collection. The trench coat is designed with a deep collar and slimmed down silhouette, giving it a smart look. The raincoat has large slanted zips inspired by an aviation look. A double-breasted short jacket can be fastened in three ways to give different looks.

Dresses also feature strongly in Burberry's spring/summer collection. A spaghetti multistrap dress, a mini-pleat dress with a leather strap adding a masculine look, shirt-dresses with Burberry repeat prints and vintage label prints are worn with wide, low-slung leather belts.

The tartan super miniskirts are another highlight of the collection.

For men's designs, cricket and school looks dominate the collection, giving it a full British feel.

The cricketing striped blazer with three-button patch pocket looks easy and unstructured. There are also sweaters with cricket v-necks and slipovers. Rugby-style striped shirts with bold stripes give the collection a sporty look.

The main tailoring style in the men's collection is the two- button high break suit with slim leg trousers with slat pockets and pick stitched lapels, reminding one of Savile Row tailoring.

The classic black tuxedo also features in the collection, but with relaxed styling in linen. The collection also features its signature red, black tartan pants.

As always, Burberry's ethos of functionality is very strong. Jackets have large pockets, coats are equipped with packaway hoods and multifunctional inner pockets. Outerwear is designed based on work wear practicality.

Treated cotton makes waterproof, breathable fabric and the micro-fabric used in the coats allows the skin to breath.

Burberry's signature check is also printed on its selection of boardshorts, boxer style and trunk.

The classic signature of Burberry, however, has been waning in its homeland England, as reported by Asian Wall Street Journal recently. Fashionable shoppers say the company needs a makeover.

In Jakarta, Burberry might have a chance to regain its waning popularity in Europe.

"Burberry is very strong in Asia. In addition, our target consumers are working people and foreign tourists from Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea who like a simple, smart and trendy look," Santi remarked.