Fri, 09 Aug 2002

Bumptious banks

Regarding the banks' arbitrary attitude concerning their "official policy" of refusing any foreign bills of less than "Crisp Uncirculated", CU conditions: ANZ bank was chosen as the test subject in the necessary eradication of this discriminatory practice. After having contacted ANZ Australia on June 20 for a clarification, they replied that they would have an answer by July 5. On July 4 their response was to say they required more time than originally anticipated for the completion of their investigations and would issue a response on July 19.

Lo and behold! Not a squeak. Off I went to try again. Same money, same story. Unlike last time when every manager was conveniently unavailable, I met with the Branch Manager. Nukka Simbolon stated that he was familiar with my letters to The Jakarta Post and to the home offices and they had been in contact with him. He categorically stated that the bills were unacceptable for exchange for Australian dollars for transfer to Australia, as the bank has no facility to exchange the money in the Indonesian system. So they pass the problem on to us, the customers. He did offer to accept the US$bills if I exchanged them for rupiah first. Go figure!

He was duly informed that he was not in a position any longer to make this call. Scott Armstrong, the President Director, was summoned, but had not yet been included in the loop and cordially repeated the standard rhetoric.

He made it abundantly clear that the problem would remain at the consumer level instead of petitioning the host country's Central Bank (BI) to make/change policy or accommodation.

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