Wed, 21 Jun 2000


Principally, corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN), however insignificant it may look, must be eradicated fairly and justly. But it should not shift the focus away from more important national tasks, i.e., to investigate KKN allegedly involving former president Soeharto, which is explicitly stipulated in the Broad Outlines of the State Policy.

News concerning the scandal in the State Logistics Agency (Bulog), also known as Bulogate, which involves a number of high officials, has been widely reported in the media, although the amount involved is relatively very small (Rp 35 billion), when seen from the national scope of interest.

There is a much bigger scandal involving one and a quarter trillion rupiah by Edy Tansil, which happened well before the monetary crisis hit the nation. When converted into the present money value, it would amount to more or less Rp 4 trillion.

Bulogate is believed to have involved many high-ranking officials. And the intensity of the scandal is so high that the legislators are planning to summon the President for questioning. While the Edy Tansil case, which is much greater in nature, has received very little attention from law enforcers.

This will not fail to attract the attention of the people who feel that justice is not being upheld. We should note that the law enforcers are paid by the people through taxes.