Sun, 23 Apr 2000

The charisma of time

There is no power that can halt time
nor generals,
because they will also get old and ponder
about the horror of jail and hell

Nobody can conquer time
Madonna has more wrinkles on her face
I feel more isolated from my tempo
missing the loss of my past radiance

Indeed, time cannot be defeated by anybody
That some megalomaniac
likes to write memoirs about their pomposity
although nobody will read their book
or see their blurred pictures on the wall

New Age

Gone is the 20th century
leaving behind so much sorrow
so many wars, the cries
of orphans and widows

We are now in a new millennium
but above us the sky is still gloomy
and the air still smells of munitions
we miss the sense of fraternity

O God Almighty,
will there be more wars of attrition?
in which many generals
want to harvest medals?

-- By Ngatini Rasdi

-- Translated by TIS