Sat, 13 Aug 1994

British rugby club to test local rival

JAKARTA (JP): A touring British rugby union club, Broadstreet, will play a one off match against a local side from the International Sport Club of Indonesia (ISCI) this afternoon.

Broadstreet Rugby Union Football Club is stopping in Jakarta on their way home from a series of matches in southern Australia. They will meet the ISCI team at 4:00 p.m. at the sport club in Ciputat, South Jakarta.

The ISCI team will have their work cut out for them when they go up against a team that has been playing as a unit throughout their tour. Broadstreet should be fitter and more cohesive than the home-side, whose last major encounter was at their annual 10- a-side tournament at the end of May. Although ISCI did very well in the tournament, making it into the final, they will find the harder hitting and aggressive 15 man game difficult.

The ISCI team is made up of players from nations in both the southern and northern hemispheres and therefore combines the unique style of both regions. This can lead to a lack of organization and teamwork, but can also develop into dynamic, flowing play that may frustrate the Broadstreet side.

Mike Ashburn, ISCI's captain, stressed that if his side get their heads into the game early on and begin the game by attacking, they will be able to put in a good showing. Although he also expressed concern about Broadstreet's fitness and teamwork, he believes that ISCI will have a climatic advantage.

Broadstreet is on their return leg of an Australian winter tour and are expected to find playing in the tropics challenging. The sudden change from the cool and lush grounds in southern Australia to the humid, hot and hard pitch in Indonesia is expected to give ISCI its only advantage.

Whatever the outcome of the match, it will be good to see 15-a-side rugby return to Jakarta.(jmw)