Wed, 29 Nov 2000

Brimob officers arrested

BOGOR (JP): Some 15 officers of the Kedunghalang Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) unit, allegedly involved in Sunday's assault on street vendors, have been arrested, a police officer said on Tuesday.

Bogor City Police Sr. Supt. Taufik Ridha said the Sunday evening assault against street vendors on Jl. Merdeka was related to the afternoon attack against a street singer at the Baranangsiang bus terminal.

"But, it had nothing to do with the Saturday extortion of the vendors by three men claiming to be policemen," Taufik said.

A source at the city police said 28-year-old street singer Asep at the Baranangsiang bus terminal was killed in the brawl because he had allegedly insulted the wife of an officer, when he was singing on a bus plying the Bogor-Sukabumi route.

"Asep insulted a woman passenger for giving him only Rp 100," the source said, adding that the incident had angered several Brimob officers who later searched him to get even.

Meanwhile, head of the Crime Investigation unit of the Bogor Military Police headquarters Capt. Harri said the Sunday evening assault was triggered by local hoodlums, identified as Alex and his gang.

Harri said Asep was accidentally killed in the attack that also injured another street singer, 22-year-old Uwoh. (21/lup)