Fri, 24 Nov 2000

BPGS still under State Secretariat, management by KONI

JAKARTA (JP): The Gelora Senayan Management Board (BPGS) will remain under the State Secretariat authority but it will give a bigger role to the National Sports Council (KONI) chairman, as BPGS vice chairman, to manage the assets on a day-to-day basis.

The Gelora Senayan Executive Directors (DPGS) chairman, Yasidi Hambali, told reporters after attending a hearing with the House of Representatives (DPR) Commission VI on religious and human resources affairs on Thursday that the disposal of the state minister of youth affairs and sports in August annulled Presidential Decree number 72 issued in 1999 on BPGS members.

"The disposal of the state minister's office automatically annulled the decree because the state minister was one of the vice chairmen. Another vice chairman is the KONI chairman."

Yasidi said State Secretary would keep its management rights over the Gelora Senayan sports complex due to its historical and strategic value.

"But KONI chairman as BPGS vice chairman will receive greater authority in daily management. KONI and its members, the sports organizations, know better about the technical problems of certain sports venues. We must consult them should we want to renovate the venues."

"Since the complex is a national asset, the management won't be given to any regional administrations including the Jakarta administration."

KONI and the Jakarta administration have repeatedly expressed their interest in controlling the nation's largest sports estate. One of the most obvious reasons is to get the additional revenue.

The commission members threw their weight behind the decision.

"KONI's control over the sports complex will give KONI additional income to cover its expenses," said Sambas Suryadi of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) faction who chaired the hearing.

"The control will also enable KONI to act more efficiently in coordinating and developing sports activities."

Commenting on the state budget for sports development, Sambas said the Ministry of National Education would take over the jurisdiction of the dissolved state minister's office.

"Currently, we are drafting the 2001 State Budget for the ministry of some Rp 27 trillion (US$3 billion) although the real budget will only cover some Rp 11 trillion."

"However, the regional administrations will be allocated some Rp 74 trillion of the budget to be used in regional development. We can approach the administrations local councils together to give a share for sports development."

The commission members also questioned the Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) chairman, Subagyo Hadisiswoyo, on the punishment of the country's world number one men's singles shuttler Taufik Hidayat.

PBSI banned Taufik from competing in Korean Open and the 2000 Grand Prix Final as "educative punishment" for his critical statements on association officials, especially Subagyo.

"Isn't there any educative approaches that could be taken by PBSI in this matter? PBSI should clarify first which of Taufik's statements were false and which were true," said Syahril Azmir Matondang of the PDI Perjuangan faction.

In his answer, Subagyo said PBSI officials had deliberated the punishment as thoroughly and as fairly as possible.

"There were several officials asking for more severe punishment. One thing is for sure, Taufik's statements have insulted the military and as a former military member I felt responsible to take educative disciplinary action," he added. (nvn)