Mon, 31 Mar 2003

Borobudur festival lures foreigners

SEMARANG: Despite the Iraq war, six foreign countries have confirmed that they will take part in the International Borobudur Festival in June.

Central Java Governor Mardiyanto said over the weekend that Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Italy would send delegates to the festival, which will be held at the Borobudur Temple between June 11 and June 17.

The festival is aimed at boosting the country's tourist industry, which has suffered since the Sept. 12, 2002, bombings in Bali.

Mardiyanto said more delegates were expected to participate in the festival, with the organizing committee approaching foreign countries with cultural links to the world's largest Buddhist temple.

The governor said he had also notified the Czech Republic, Austria and China of the upcoming event. -- JP