Sat, 24 May 2003

Books on linguistics rare

Recently, Professor Soenjono Dardjowidjojo wrote a book on psycholinguistics titled Psikolinguistik, Pengantar, Pemahaman Bahasa Manusia (Psycholinguistics, an Introduction to Comprehension of Human Language), which was published by Yayasan Obor Indonesia.

I am so glad that finally Prof. Soenjono finished his book and it has been published. I have been waiting a long time for such a book by a master of psycholinguistics. Prof. Soenjono has been teaching this subject at Atma Jaya University for years. It is hoped that other linguistic lecturers will be encouraged to write so that more linguistics books will be available. We all know that books on linguistics written by Indonesian linguists are extremely rare.

To encourage the publication of linguistics books, ideally there should be book publishers that specialize in publishing linguistics books or at least have a division on linguistics or language.

Kudos to Yayasan Obor Indonesia for publishing Prof. Soenjojo's book.