Thu, 04 Dec 2003

Bomb suspects stand trial

JAKARTA: A couple stood trial on Wednesday at the South Jakarta District Court charged with attempting to bomb City Police Headquarters on May 10.

Sumono and Suharto, the two policemen who made the arrests, took the stand as witnesses at Wednesday's hearing against defendants Sahlan, alias Alan, a former policeman, and his wife Eni.

The witnesses testified that Alan had confessed that the two bombs, confiscated by the police from Eni, belonged to him. Eni was arrested while trying to plant the bombs. She had also delivered two letters threatening the National Police chief and the City Police chief.

The police officers also found two other homemade bombs at Alan's house in Citayam, Depok, upon his arrest on May 23.

Alan said he came into possession of the bombs when he was assigned to conflict-torn Maluku province in 2001.

The hearing was adjourned until next week. -- JP