Fri, 05 Sep 2003

Bomb caused Rp 78m in damages

JAKARTA: Police have spent Rp 78 million (US$9,176.50) to repair damages caused by the bombing at the National Police's Wisma Bhayangkari hall on Feb. 3.

The head of the Wisma Bhayangkari building management, Wagimin, told the panel of judges at the South Jakarta District Court on Thursday that the money was mostly spent on renovating the damaged ceiling, windows and floor.

Wagimin was testifying at the trial of Adj. Comr. Anang Sumpena, the sole defendant in the bombing case. The bomb claimed no fatalities.

A fingerprint belonging to the defendant was found on a piece of shrapnel from the bomb.

Anang is a former member of the police bomb squad. He was dismissed from the force last year for issues relating to drug abuse.

Wagimin heard the explosion but was not at the scene at the time. -- JP