Sat, 13 May 2000

Bogus reporter taken to cop station

SURABAYA: A meeting between 23 businessmen from Hong Kong and East Java Governor Imam Utomo on Friday not only attracted the attention of accredited journalists but also a bogus reporter.

Abdullah Choiri, who was waiting for the result of the meeting at the governor's office in the Grahadi Building along with other journalists, apparently did not realize that the reporters were suspicious of him.

When asked to show his ID card, Abdullah at first introduced himself as the president director of publishing company PT Amriz Octarina Perdana, which is owned by the son of Deputy Governor Abdul Hamid.

"He just stole my son's press card," said the deputy governor to refute the bogus reporter's claim.

When the reporters scolded him, Abdullah said he was a reporter at Sigi tabloid. One of the tabloid's reporters at the scene disputed Abdullah's claim.

According to Abdul Cholik Baya, a Jawa Pos daily reporter, Abdullah had previously claimed he worked for the newspaper.

The journalists were upset with Abdullah because a computer and printer had gone missing from the press room of the governor's office after Abdullah had slept there on Thursday night.

According to Antara, the reporters took him to Genteng Police station after he failed to convince them he was a real reporter. (prb)