Sat, 04 Jan 2003

Bogor budget set at Rp 302.7b

BOGOR: Bogor council agreed on Friday to set its 2003 budget, amounting to Rp 302.7 billion, for the town, Rp 1.46 billion more than the budget proposed by Mayor Iswara Natanegara.

The council believed that the administration would still be able to generate an additional revenue of Rp 2.4 billion from various sources, including motorists (from parking fees and vehicle ownership transfer fees), markets, slaughterhouses, hotels and banks, Antara reported. There was also a Rp 1 billion leftover from funds unspent from last year's budget.

On the other hand, the council rejected expenditure of more than Rp 6.8 billion on, among other things, the purchase of a Rp 1 billion incinerator.

The spending agreed by the council was Rp 300 billion, to leave a surplus of more than Rp 2.66 billion by the end of the year.

The revenue for this year's budget will be generated from the original town revenue, such as taxes and levies (Rp 32.5 billion), tax income paid from central government (Rp 251.14 billion) and other original town revenue (Rp 14.59 billion).

As for expenditure, the largest part would be on the administration (Rp 61.2 billion) and the public (Rp 245.3 billion). Another Rp 2 billion would be allocated to pay the administration's debt, according to Gunarto, secretary of the budget committee of the council. No further details on the debt were available. --JP