Sat, 15 May 2004

Biogas produced from cow dung

Multa Fidrus, Tangerang

Tangerang rengency administration, with the help of a Japanese environmental non-governmental organization, plans to produce biogas from cow dung. The pilot project will be carried out at the livestock research center in Tanjung Burung village, Teluk Naga District, Tangerang, which is owned by the local husbandry agency.

Agency head Didi Aswadi said on Friday the biogas would be produced in an underground airtight septic tank, after which it would be funneled through pipes to surrounding houses. Didi said it would mostly be used for cooking.

He said the idea had dawned on him after studying cow dung in the research center. However, it took several attempts before he was able to produce biogas.

"The technology is simple. The gas resulting from natural fermentation can be used to generate electricity," he said.

According to Didi, a Japanese NGO, which he declined to name, would help the agency develop the biogas technology.

"Once our project is completed we will need three months to install the pipes to funnel the energy to houses," he said.

Previously, the regency worked with a German NGO to develop biogas from public toilets, which is also channeled through pipes to surrounding homes.