Wed, 19 Apr 2000

Bimasena offers new dining choice for food lovers

By Grace Segran

JAKARTA (JP): Dining Room -- Jakarta's newest dining choice -- opened its door to customers for the first time last Friday.

Located on the second floor of Bimasena and open only for dinner from 7:00 to 11:00, the restaurant is open to the public but it hopes to attract in particular tenants of the nearby Dharmawangsa apartments and members of the Mines and Energy Society, in whose club premises it is housed.

Bimasena was named after one of the heroes in the Mahabarata legend. According to the tale, Bima, as he was fondly called, was a giant of a man. He was a troubleshooter and the one called upon to solve problems whenever they arose.

Bima represents the virtues of strength, integrity and honesty. Likewise the Mines and Energy Society aims to represent the very same virtues for the mines and energy community, supporting it and giving it strength.

Bimasena is the meeting place for business and social associates of the energy and mining industry, and a haven to unwind among friends. Its facilities include a spa, fitness center and restaurants. There are also cultural evenings and other entertainment programs. The property is owned by the society and managed by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Inc.

Dining Room is a new addition to the Verandah coffee shop. The restaurant aims to create an atmosphere of familiarity; an extension of one's dining room at home. Thus the generic name. In addition to being a second home, it provides personalized service by an all-female crew headed by maitre'd Santi. Cornices of ethnic designs, dimmed lighting and subdued colors give it a residential feel.

Symmetry and synchrony pervade the Dining Room. It is dominated by earthy greens and browns, which are contrasted with elegant white. The decor is almost minimalist with a touch of ethnicity. Terra-cotta flower pots with a single long stalk of white anggrek bulan grace every table. A beautiful Javanese screen carved out wood provides privacy for the table for six.

The table is draped in a thick white linen tablecloth. The setting is luxurious and masculine: large leather-bound porcelain plates, silver napkin rings and an elegant single candle stand, robust silver cutlery and crystal glassware. While the setting oozes elegance, the occasion is semiformal. Smart casual would be the order of the day.

The focus and pride of Dining Room's menu is fresh USDA- certified beef.

The menu is straightforward, typical of a dedicated grill. Prime beef is featured prominently in a box; alternative dishes are indicated outside the box. While the mainstay of Dining Room may be beef steaks, it is not a steak house. There is a wide variety of meat available: Australian double lamb chops, Dutch veal chops and chicken. There is also seafood such as Norwegian salmon, spiny lobster and the catch of the day.

While the chef prepares the grill, you can order fresh oysters, shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, baked snails, fried jalapeno peppers, salad or soup.

There is a selection of cheeses and desserts to round off the meal, including creme brulee, pineapple tatin tart, fresh fruit platter,and ice creams and sherbets.

"We place a strong consideration on health," says Nadira Alatas, Public Relations Manager. "Every main course is grilled and not fried." There are lighter alternatives to huge steaks, such as the petit 160 gram tenderloin, seafood and salads, Nadira points out. Skimmed milk and low-fat low-salt butter are used in cooking.

Dining Room at Bimasena has elevated the grill to a new level. It is good for an evening out with clients or friends, a celebration of a special event or an evening with the family.