Tue, 18 Sep 2001

BII credit card

I would like to share my experience of what happened when recently I lost my BII credit card.

From Surabaya's Djuanda airport, I called the Card Customer Service in Surabaya on Sept. 8 in the morning, reporting the loss.

Returning to Jakarta I waited and waited, until Sept. 13 when I called the Jakarta Customer Service in the morning.

I pressed the young lady to find out about the status of my card as she had boldly informed me that it had already been quite a while in the dispatch pipeline.

In the afternoon they informed my secretary that it would be sent on Sept. 14, and that if I was not at home, I should leave a note for the dispatcher to leave it with my servant or driver etc., which I did.

But astonishingly, by the morning of Sept. 17 it had still not arrived, and I am now wondering if it will ever come at all.