Fri, 19 Mar 1999

BI provides bank profiles

JAKARTA (JP): Bank Indonesia has provided profiles of the 38 closed banks, seven nationalized and nine recapitalized banks on its Internet homepage.

Data provided on the homepage -- -- includes the banks' capital adequacy ratio, total assets, credits, credit exceeding the legal lending limit, third-party funds, number of accounts, interbank and central bank obligations as well as branch and employee numbers.

Results of the central bank's evaluation on the banks' management and business plans is also provided.

In regard to the 73 relatively healthy banks allowed to continue operating, the central bank provides only their capital adequacy ratio -- the ratio between capital and risk-weighted assets -- a key bank health indicator.

BI director Subarjo Joyosumarto said in a statement on Wednesday: "This shows Bank Indonesia's commitment to transparency in the bank recapitalization program." (rid)