Mon, 08 Aug 1994

BI gets new member of board

JAKARTA (JP): Governor of Bank Indonesia Soedrajad Djiwandono inducted Mukhlis Rasyid, a senior official of the bank, to the bank's board of directors on Saturday.

The governor swore in Mukhlis in a ceremony closed to the press.

In a statement sent to The Jakarta Post, the central bank stated that Rasyid replaced the late Kilian Sihotang, who died on April 28.

Prior to his new position, the 55-year-old Rasyid was the head of the economic and statistical affairs of the bank.

He got his masters degree in economics and political economics at Boston University in the United States before joining the Washington based International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Bank Indonesia is led jointly by the governor and a seven member board of directors.

The University of Indonesia promoted Djiwandono to professor on economics earlier this month.

The other six directors are Hendrobudiyanto, Boediono, Heru Soepraptomo, Mansjurdin Nurdin, Haryono and Paul Soetopo Tjokronegoro, while the commissioner representing the Indonesian government is Sofyan Djajawinata. (09)