Tue, 09 Aug 1994

Beware of fraud

From Media Indonesia

This is a warning particularly to women who have an ambition to be successful in business. Beware of a man named "Mr. Leiden" (apparently not his real name)! He is certainly not a foreigner, but an Indonesian citizen.

Here is the story. My friend's wife who owns a company and rents an office in the hotel KP, Central Jakarta becomes a victim of his deceitful action. By claiming himself as a representative of a consortium of European countries that will provide a fund involving Rp 25 trillion through the government banks, he succeeded in his operation. He promised to appoint the victim as a Jakarta-based representative in charge of channeling the credit to the private sector. He also promised to her a house at Pondok Indah area worth Rp 1.7 billion and Baby Benz car and other luxurious things.

Because of promises, she rented a room Hotel KP and W in Central Jakarta for "Mr. Leiden" from May 4 to 25, 1994. This also serves as a warning to hotels when dealing with this "Mr. Leiden." With his trick he can stay in hotel and enjoy himself and later disappear leaving a debt of millions of rupiah.

"Mr. Leiden" is about 1.65 meters, 35 years old, rather fatty and has got curly hair. He speaks with Manadonese and Javanese dialects and wears dark suits. A family man he lives in Kelapa Gading and has one child.

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