Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Better coordination in supervision urged

JAKARTA (JP): Vice President Try Sutrisno called on cabinet ministers yesterday to improve coordination in pursuing the country's development programs.

In his address at a cabinet meeting on development supervision, Try warned that the lack of coordination would harm the whole development effort.

The coordination meeting on development supervision, held every six months, was attended by all ministers not on official trips.

Try said Indonesia, which embarked on its 25-year development program in April, is at a crossroads.

"The current stage of the development is vital for the future of the nation," he was quoted as saying by Minister of Information Harmoko following the meeting.

Try urged the cabinet ministers to promote cooperation and coordination because the current stage of development will be decisive in bringing the country to its take-off era.

He said that built-in controls within all governmental institutions should, therefore, be promoted so that the development programs could be carried out in line with the existing guidelines.

The Vice President said that the coordination should be carried out both vertically and horizontally and on all development fields.

He warned the ministers not to feel superior to one another as such a feeling could damage the development process. (hen)