Sun, 26 Dec 2010

The Bengkulu administration is offering land, free of charge, to investors wanting to open businesses in the province, Bengkulu Governor Agusrin Maryono Najamudin says.

Agusrin said the move was expected to draw investors to Bengkulu, and thus open more job opportunities for the locals and cut the unemployment rate.

“We will provide free lots for investors who are really serious about opening their businesses in Bengkulu. We hope this policy can boost the flow of investments into Bengkulu in the future,” he said in Bengkulu, as quoted by Antara.

“I am very optimistic that high flow of investment into Bengkulu will boost the region’s economic growth from about 6 percent per year at present,” he added.

Agusrin said Bengkulu was among top six provinces in the country recording highest economic growths.